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Zalakaros .... The water is our secret!

In this region of western Hungary, the whole diversity, Schöheit and attraction of this landscape to be found.

The smooth transition from the level on the gently sloping hills and the unit of vegetation, forests, meadows and blossoming fields of rare plants and animals. And a special treasure is not so common place, a precious gift from the roaring depths of the earth: the thermal water enriched with minerals at a temperature close to 100 C. And that is why this part of Central Europe has always Starka attraction for people seeking healing

Nearly one million visitors relax here järlich, rejuvenate their tired, exhausted or sick organism in the invigorating mineral water in a quiet environment. The experience is complete by being friendly people living in this region that are bestowed on the responsibilities associated with their work performance also de loving attention to guests, an inherited for generations to come from the depths of the heart consciousness.

And above all - in addition to the many Bequemichkeiten that make a pleasant one Kraufenthalt - small, colorful booklet gives an overview. We ask you to read it Careful, and if we manage to arouse your interest, we will see each other in Zalakaros!

You could be our regular customer!

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