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Zalakaros is located in the southwestern part of Hungary, 20 km from Nagykanizsa and about 8 km near the national road "E 96" location.

The town owes its present Berümhtheit its thermal water, which was discovered in 1962 on research and drilling was completed as the basis for the development of a new, sophisticated healing - and lido - the complex was used, the injüngster time.

At the time the guests can have a water area of total of 3,500 m2 is available, of which 1,000 m2 for sports, 1,500 m2 available for spa - and 1,000 sq.m for the use of thermal pools. The respective unterschidlich zussamengesetzte water for the healing service, or to swim, comes from their own wells.

The water supply to the thermal pool is by 2 Bn2nnen medium depth, with temperatures of 4.7 ° C, respectively Secured 52 ° C, the combined capacity of 2700 m3 / d is. The basic form of the healing water well of great depth that tap the Mesozoic, carbonate, fissile Heviz reservoir.


In medicine, the spa still has its importance in the treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Recently, the doctors take imllner go back to natural therapies, and there are already the most important, can be measured by the responses evoked Balneotherapy is the treatment of certain diseases with medicinal waters of medication gleichzusetzten well.

As with the use of medication must be in treatment with thermal water, the specific effects of administration and side effects into account and might know.
The therapeutic applications and verify the effect of the thermal water is performed by experienced doctors of Krankenliauses of Nagykanizsa since Inehreren years that came after analysis of the experiences and trials in the finding that the healing waters for many diseases is therapeutically effective.

The heat effect of the thermal water has beneficial effect on chronic joint and degenerative joint processes, extra-articular diseases of the body and movement Stürungen inflamed vegstativen the nervous system. Dis chemical effect of the bath varüert according to the chemical composition. The skin is the medium through dis engage the constituents of water during the IHRA Badena effect. Some of these elements combines with the skin and causes a connection to so called Trans mineralization.

The other part - mainly natural ingredients reaches Mineraller - unchanged through the skin to deeper parts of the organism. The road and the impact of the already analyzed after one minute invading substances were also using isotopes - investigations.

It has been found that these substances affect the reflex mechanisms of the water - and salt budget by the pituitary production of vasopressin, the better through the cortisone - and aldosteronausscheidung the adrenal cortex, as well as the regulator function of the nervous system.

As a result, one could say that the West German spa Wiessee, Endorf, cunning, and the Italian Salsomaggiore and Margherita di Savoia. On examination of the 225 mineral water locations under a wider perspective, namely the content of Br, I, F and S2 ions could be determined that contains only the healing waters of Zalakaros all the elements.